2010 until today ...

10 years, day after day, DAP Gaz offers you products and services. Thank you, dear customers, for your loyalty!

Our Historic

DAP GAS Sarl is a Congolese registered company that provides and distributes petroleum gas (LPG) and appliances using LPG in the Democratic Republic of Congo since 2010.

Our Vision

Our vision is to remain the leader in the LPG industry in DRC by issuing more attractive market offers and betterly suited to customer needs.

Our Mission

Our mission is to consolidate its number 1 position in the LPG industry in DRC by:

→ Bringing innovation

By bringing the Congolese people to discover the benefits of LPG so that they can become accustomed to the use of gas and appliances thereon.

→ Always there for you

By rendering quality service to clients by listening seriously and consider their suggestions and complaints to improve our services for customer satisfaction.

→ Always available!

By making gas appliances always available and accessible; avoiding stockouts

→ Nº1 of LPG in DRCongo

By eproviding quality appliances using LPG in order to encourage its use and ensure customers’ safety.

→ And more...

Many governments around the world are engaged in promoting the use of LPG, which is a more efficient energy source, clean and safe.
However, the high price of LPG cylinders and gas appliances has been among the obstacles faced by most African countries; concerned about deforestation and climate change, DAP GAS Sarl is committed to making LPG more affordable fuel for cooking and heating in order to reduce the risk for Congolese households to depend totally on charcoal, which is a threat more harmful to populations, on forests and the environment.