DAP GAZ is the leading company providing LPG in the country, finds its pride in marketing trusted, safe and reliable LPG and its equipments.
This is sold under DAP GAZ brand and is available to customers in a range of 6 kg; 12,5kg and 45 gas cylinders.

As customers may not be aware of the key LPG safety issues, DAP GAZ provides answers to the following questions about buying and handling LPG

Q1: What is LPG?
A: Many people see the letters LPG or GPL, (Gaz de Petrole Liquefie ,in French) without understanding its meaning, LPG stands for Liquefied Petroleum gas, which is the energy stored under pressure in the cylinders. LPG is a modern superior alternative to firewood and charcoal and is safe, clean, fast and portable.

Q2: Is LPG dangerous?
A: No, it is rather reliable and safe! All branded DAP or DAP GAZ equipments meet extreme and strict safety International Standards under ISO4706. DAP GAZ provides equipments that are designed and verified by highly experienced technicians with better reputation in the World.
Nevertheless, it should be noted that any fuel or any source of energy, when misused, proves to be dangerous. It is always advised to take adequate safety measures, meaning; you have to always keep the regulator closed after use lest the gas takes off and meets a hazardous fire.

Q3: What is the average duration of gas consumption?
A: According to some customers testimonies, the duration of gas consumption varies from one household to another, from one use to another. Some gas users testified that their 6Kg gas cylinders could last six months for a household of three persons; A chef reported that the same bottle of 6Kg lasts two weeks.

Q4: What should I do if my LPG cylinder is damaged?
A: If your gas cylind is damaged or leaks, do not try to repair it. Instead, return it to the agency where you purchased it for an exchange. Leaks are characterized by the presence of a strong irritating odor. You can also check for leaks using a cloth dampened with soapy water. Bubbling is a way to check whether the cylinder is leaking. It is dangerous to try to repair a damaged cylinder as this can cause damage or serious injury.

Q5: Which equipment do I need to use LPG safely for cooking?
A: First, you need to have a pressure regulator that controls the amount of gas entering your cooker or stove and a hospipe connecting your stove to the gas bottle. Whenever you buy these products, make sure they are inspected by a DAP GAZ agent or an authorized dealer, who will also show you how to connect them properly.

Q6: How should LPG cylinders be transported?
A: LPG must always be transported in an upright position. If the cylinder is in the car boot, try to secure it to prevent from falling over, rolling around and possibly getting damaged.

Q7: How should I store and use LPG safely?
A: Do not put your gas cylinder near any sources of heat such as a stove or direct sunlight, because gas expands when heated, which can sometimes damage the valve, the hose or the cylinder. Cylinders must be stored in a vertical position on a horizontal surface. The cooking equipment must be positioned higher than the cylinder.

Q8: How should I make sure I'm safe when using LPG for cooking?
A: Rest assured -you burn the match or turn on the lighter before releasing the gas and teach your family members how to use it correctly as well. Close your regulator valve when the gas is not in use. If you are unsure of how to use your gas, please seek help from a DAP GAZ agent or an authorized dealer.

Q9: What should I do if my gas is leaking?
A: Turn off the regulator and disconnect it from the cylinder.Take the cylinder outdoor into the open. Do not put on the electricity switch, light a matchstick, or use your mobile phone. -you Use soapy water to check leakage, soapy foam bubble inflate if there is a leak. Return the cylinder to the nearest DAP GAZ agency or authorised dealer from whom you purchased it.

Q10: In case of fire due to gas, how should I protect myself and my environment?
A: In case of a fire outbreak do not panic but raise the alarm by shouting “fire, fire.” Turn off the regulator if there is no fire around it using a damp towel. Do not endanger your life by attempting to fight a fire. Calmly evacuate everyone from the house and call for help.

Q11: How should I get a filled DAP cylinder?
A: Take the empty cylinder to a DAP GAZ agency or an authorized reseller/dealer.

Q12: How to recognize a DAP GAZ authorized reseller/dealer?
A: A DAP GAZ dealer must have badges and brands “DAP” or ‘DAP GAZ” on their products, and the panel on which prices are regularly displayed.
Note:For any purchase made out of DAP GAZ agencies, the company disclaims all liability in case of any damages.