No more need for electricity, charcoal nor firewood to carry out your daily activities. With DAP GAZ products, get satisfaction to your needs.

DAP GAZ Accessories

To make your life easier, DAP GAZ offers the most usual accessories, always available for your specific needs.

Here are some accessories that you could possibly need:

Pipe connecting and gas supply

Rehaud dap

To fully enjoy your branded DAP or DAP GAZ appliances, we offer you better quality of rubber hosepipe. This pipe connects the appliance to the cylinder regulator for a continuous supply of gas.

Small regulators, medium and large regulators


The small cylinder regulator is fixed exclusively on the 6Kg cylinder while the average large cylinder regulator is compatible with all other cylinders (12.5kg, 25kg and 45kg).
The regulator allows you to manage your gas and ensure its good economy because it is a valve.
It connects the pipe to channel the gas to its combustion.



Placed on a 6kg gas cylinder, this accessory keeps your sauce pan steady and balanced.



The burner is adapted to the 6kg cylinder. It allows the exhaust of gas contained in the cylinder; when the gas meets a flame, it produces heat, then there is combustion or heat production to be used for cooking.