No more need for electricity, charcoal nor firewood to carry out your daily activities. With DAP GAZ products, get satisfaction to your needs.

DAP Stoves

Depending on your needs, DAP GAZ offers efficient stoves of diverse varieties at very affordable prices. These stoves are convenient and portable.

DAP stoves are equipped with one or more burners and a number of adjustable thermostat dependent on the number of burner.

Rehaud dap

Full set of 6 Kg

Consisting of a 6Kg gas cylinder containing 6 kg of gas with a burner and a grill;
Stands alone and economic Stove.

Rehaud dap

A cooking stove with a single burner

Smaller stove in its class, by the number of cook stoves and size;
Features a fireplace equipped with an adjustable thermostat;
Connects to the cylinder via a pipe which supplies it with gas.

Rehaud dap

Stove 2 hobs

Has two cooking burners, each connected to an adjustable thermostat.